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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And then what?

I've been home with my kids for the holiday break.  I never take off but I felt as though I needed this.  I needed to be home with my girls during this break, I needed to reconnect, I needed to have my own stories of their sweetness and Boo/Baby bird moments.  Papa Bear has been back to work a few weeks now and we are all adjusting to the new schedules.   I used to hear all the Boo/Baby bird stories from him throughout the day but now I have been coping with Fun Kids Stories withdraw.  Although Nonni has Boo several days she is not as good at daily correspondences, not like Daddy was.  I used to love getting my lunchtime munching pictures, my nap time snap shots, or the outfit of the day photos.  Now I have to wait all day to hear what was said, what was worn or what adventure is had.  So rather than miss out on my kids Holiday Break moments, I decided to take the holidays off and have some of those moments firsthand.  Anyway, I'm also hoping to use some of this time to teach Nonni how to send pictures with her new snazzy smartphone. 

Click* Click* These are snapshots of memories going into the memory vault for me to enjoy while I'm away from my babies. 

Baby bird has begun telling wonderful stories.  Her imagination has become wild and wonderful.  I love being home with her and hearing her ramble about the most amazing nothings.  One day she sat talking to me for 15 minutes about literally nothing.  Jerry Sinfeild thought he had the invention on a show about nothing...he has nothing on Baby Bird. 

Our conversation began like this (of course you don't see the hand, eyes and mouth gestures):

Baby Bird: "Mommy, I have a 1, 2, 3, (long pause) 5, 10 (longer pause) and you were red like that...and I was blue for the fairy like that.  Then Twighlight Sparkle and Nightmare moon had a sandwich...ok?"
Me: "ok.  And then what?"
Baby Bird: "Then we have to run and hide cause the pickles are running for us."
Me: "Oh. wow. Then what?
Baby Bird: "Then the puppy dogs help.  Like a Sadie...Mommy go like this (cocks her head and makes a face) Mommy why you not looking at me? Mommy do a smile like this."
Me: just laughing
Baby Bird: "You funny mommy." She then walked away and started playing with her dolls.

My resent "check yourself" moment with Boo starts like this:

We were hanging out in the living room when Boo asked to watch some television.  I said sure.  Deciding not to get into Netflix or Hulu so early in the morning I decided cable would be fine.  Their are a lot of educational shows in the mornings.  Having only basic cable and having very little patience for certain characters I try my best to avoid those channels and push past certain shows. 
This is how that went as I rushed through one station:
Boo said "oh, I like that."
I said "oh lets see what else is on."
Boo: "ok"
I again rushed passed a show
Boo: "oh, I like that."
I said "oh lets see what else is on."
Boo: "ooook." (obviously less patient)
As I tried to rush past one more show Boo looked at me and said "mommy what are you doing?"
I said "isn't Martha Speaks on?" to which Boo relied..."Are we picking a show for you or me?"
Good question...I guess I was being selfish.  So I now realize that Boo is getting to be older and much more savvy.  I can't just pull the wool over her eyes and so I have to check myself.  She's right, it's not just about's about what she likes too.  I guess I have to realize the that she is getting a mind of her own and deserves the opportunity to make up her own mind.

So my holiday has been full of moments and memories which I desperately needed.  I have to go back to work but I like to think that during this break me and the girls made some memories that will make it into the vault and I've hopefully taught Nonni how to send pictures and capture the fun moments she's having with Baby Bird.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Apparently I can do anything

This morning my youngest daughter handed me two number 2 pencils, a piece of needlepoint string and said "make me a scarf ok?" then walked away.

Ummmm...........I have never knitted anything in my life and I only use the needlepoint string to make friendship bracelets (which I had to do with a group I was running at work) so I am hardly the type to ask to make something.  It caught me and my husband off gaurd but made us laugh.  It's amazing how in the eyes of our little ones we truly can do anything.  Needless to say I was not capable of making her a scarf from 2 pieces of needlepoint string and 2 pencils. 

So Recap:


Does not Equal

Image from Etsy

Monday, December 2, 2013


Hubby starts his new job today.  The excitement and anxiety I feel is so overwhelming.  I don't know where to begin.  I have been so glad to have him home with my girls for the past 2 plus years but at the same time I have been losing years off my life stressing over being the sole provider.  I don't make much and honestly I always thought my husband would be the real bread winner.  Although money stressed me out I've also been content knowing that no matter what my girls had a parent home and that was nice.  Now that cushion will be gone.  Although I am so lucky to have family step into the role of part time daycare I now find myself stressing over things like: will the new schedule be ok, will my Boo know when to stay after school and when to come home?, will Baby bird be ok with Nonni Monday-Wednesday and then daycare for 2 days?, what if Boo accidentally comes home and no one is here for her, what if our family decides to take a vacation...what will I do for daycare?....see my mind can find all types of things to be concerned about.  It's my curse and I know it's pointless because the truth is it's not the first time both me and my husband have had to work at the same time.  It's also not the first time we organized schedules for family and daycare but more than anything it's not the first or last time our family will have to adjust to change.  I know this.  So why can't I stop worrying?

I hope someday I will learn to roll with the punches but for now I only feel good when every detail is written out and planned out to the last period and exclamation point.  So I have to remind myself all day that:
1. My girls will be fine...PERIOD
2. We have a plan...PERIOD
3. My Hubby has a new job and we are again a duel income family....Exclamation Point


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lessons from old cartoons

As I look at the cartoons today I really fight hard to try to find more appropriate television. I don't want to completely forbid my kids from watching cartoons but at the same time I wonder why they have to be so sexualized.  The clothing, the drawings, even the topics and what lessons are being taught? I know He-Man and She-Ra had some tiny outfits but at least they attempted to teach a lesson. Now a days I feel that cartoons are made strictly so that companies can sell toys later.  For instance my daughter found a fairy show...harmless...I thought. Fairies are good.  They are all about nature and good magic. I mean Tinkerbell is kid friendly and for the most part is mother approved but after I watched one episode  of this new show "The Winx Club" with her, I realized this is no Disney fairy.  These Winx Faires were so scantily clad that I couldn't believe this cartoon was for little girls and not young men. Short skirts, mid drift shirts, thigh high tights, high heels and tons of make-up...WHAT IT THE WORLD! I found it very hard to not disapprove of this over sexualized show.  Now I'm not against my kids watching cartoons because I think if done right they can be entertaining and educational.  In fact I have allowed my girls to watch My Little Pony's, Avatar: The last Airbender, and some Marvel superhero shows but after watching Winx this weekend; I decided maybe we'd go back to the oldies. 

So I searched on Youtube for Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the Chipmunks, just to see what I could find.  I was so glad to find so much to choose from and with fond memories of my childhood cartoon mornings I queued some Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Chip and Dale and set the girls up for their weekend cartoons as I cooked breakfast.  I was even excited to watch some of the older cartoons that I thought I remembered. The first few were good...a little more violent than I remembered but not bad.  Donald and Goofy falling and tripping and getting hit etc. not bad and the kids liked the silliness of them at first and then came Donald and Chip and Dale.  After just a few minutes I realized "wow, these cartoons are kind of a lot meaner than I remembered..." Donald's inability to deal with his anger and his constant yelling, Chip and Dale stealing and being nasty while Donald loses his temper to the point of violence.  Now don't get me wrong, Donald was never one of my favorite characters but I always thought the Chipmunks were my favorite...why? I don't know but in my head they were fun and enjoyable.  Now looking on I realized they were antagonists and not all that great.  Anyway as my kids watched I thought "did I make a mistake here? what will they learn from this?" it became pretty apparent that the antagonists usually won out in the end.  It was true that nobody was dressed too sexy but the mean factor was in full affect.  That's the reason I can't stand the X-Factor with Simon but these are cartoons the mean behavior was not at all something I anticipated.  As Chip and Dale stole from Donald and as Donald pelted the vermin with yelling and items from his kitchen I wondered what the girls would think about the cartoon I was playing.  I was relieved when at the end of the Chip and Dale and Donald Duck show my oldest daughter said "They're bad. You shouldn't steal. Their just mean."

Phew...I have taught her something.  Well now I'm back to the original problem.  So what can I show them? I guess for now I'll stick to My little Ponies, Netflix (which I can at least monitor), and some pre-viewed cartoons that I deem appropriate.  The truth is I just have to hope that like today my kids take the lessons I've taught them above all the crazy things that are shown on television.  Not that I'm giving up.  I will still monitor the things they see, I'm still the last word on what is appropriate and what is not but I'm not going to go live in the Village (created by M. Night Shyamalan) so I have to be ok with my kids seeing some things that maybe I wouldn't deem appropriate for them (every once in a while) so that I can teach them the lessons I want them to learn.  Teachable moments have to happen some how right?