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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Coach Pitch Ball 6-7 year olds

Baseball Glove
Play in Dirt...I mean Coach Pitch Season

My husband and I were both athletic growing up. My husband was in karate for a very short time, basketball, hockey, football and baseball . I was in basketball, soccer, gymnastics, field hockey, and softball . So we always planned on getting our girls into sports. We started 2 years ago by putting Boo into an organized swimming class. She has been swimming since the age of 2 ½ or 3 and so is very comfortable around water. We knew it would be a great match for her and it was. She quickly moved up the classes into the "invite only" group. So this year we figured after swimming (which we always stop lessons in May since Nonni has her pool) we would try something new. So my husband signed her up for Coach Pitch Ball.  I was concerned she would be really far behind because she was never a part of T-Ball. I was worried that all the other kids would be leaps and bounds a head of her but internally I was excited. I was excited to watch my daughter play the one sport I loved more than anything. I had visions of her being a natural and having my strong and accurate arm while having my husbands batting skills and surprising us all. But more than anything I had visions of her loving the sport as much as I did and wanting to learn all about it.

Well.....none of that is the case. First of all she tells us she hates it. She doesn't like having to get dressed to go and then stand around for it to be her turn and although she does have a strong arm and a very nice swing she is not a natural.  For the first few practices she thought the purpose of throwing the ball around was to throw it as hard as she could so the other person couldn't catch it.  So she would throw it over their head and to the side of them and then get excited when they didn't catch it. We corrected that situation just in time to discuss why she shouldn't stand on the bases even though the coach said "it was her base." For a short time she would run with the base runner every time the coach yelled "run" because she thought he meant everyone and because she was bored standing around. She is scared the ball will hurt her, she gets frustrated when she can't hit the ball, and she finds the dirt more fun to play with than anything else.  So this would make anyone think she is far behind everyone else who must have gotten these things out of their system in T-Ball...right? NO. She is 100% at the same playing level as everyone else on her team.  Their are only 2 kids who really understand what to do and the rest of them sit on the bases, play in the dirt, stand facing the other direction because it's more fascinating to see the cars drive by, stare up in the sky because they want to see the red tailed hawks or airplanes that fly by, or put their baseball gloves over their face and pretend to be some kind of monster or something. These moments initially frustrated me because I really wanted Boo to love the sport but then I quickly realized she's only 6 and the truth is baseball is a boring game when your that tiny (her age group is 6-7) and have to stand around or constantly wait your turn.  I have seen improvements. She can now hit off the machine and her hits are pretty good. She has no field skills but that will come in time. I guess I loved it so much because I was 9 the first time I played. I was ready and eager to learn the game and maybe one day she will be too. 

I have come to grips with the fact that she may never like the sport. My mom put me in basketball because she loved watching the NBA. I hated basketball. I was always short (which is why I was a gymnast) and I was never good at basketball. So I have to prepare myself that Boo may never like softball. Her sport may be swimming. She is already very good at it and she loves being in the pool. Next year she will be old enough for competition and we'll see if that's something she wants to pursue. I still have Baby Bird. Maybe she'll be my softball lover or maybe she'll be into soccer. She is skilled at running with a ball and she may find that her sport. The truth is I'll be happy if my girls enjoy any sport because I believe sports promote self-esteem, provide a healthy body, and motivate athletes to do better and be better.

Friday, May 16, 2014

It's been a long time...

Well it's been a long time. I guess I've just been adjusting to the new changes in my world. With my husband back to work and the kids in school/daycare and with after school activities, and me being diagnosed with Lyme's Disease it's been difficult to have the energy to keep up with everything. It's been a few months where I just haven't had the energy to do much but it hasn't stopped life from moving forward. Their have been so many things that have happened that are just too good not to write down. For instance in January Baby Bird fired me.  She was so upset that I scolded her that she came running down the hall stood right in front of me pointed her finger and yelled "mommy! you're fired." This was so unexpected for me that I had to turn around and giggle. Where did she learn this? How did she know what it meant? I still don't know but at least I wasn't the only one to be "fired" by my 3 year old. She went on to fire just about everyone at one point or another. Boo's not playing with me..."she's fired," Daddy yelled at me..."he's fired," Nonni said no to me..."she's fired," and on and on it went. Then in February I was picking Baby Bird up from daycare and as I was standing waiting for her to get settled in her seat she looked right at me and said "why you just standing there doing nuffin?" (that's right. nuffin not nothing.) I guess I wasn't looking busy enough for her taste.  Although their are these times where Baby Bird is very bossy and strict their are also moment of pure sweetness and joy. Like the time in April when while laying in bed Baby Bird leaned over cuddled up next to me and said "mommy, you and me. we are meant for each other. your my best buddy." or the time she petted my arm and said "mommy I love your hair, I love your face, your skin is soft, I love your eyes...Your fabulous!" This just made my day. Not because she was saying sweet things to me but just because she is so sweet in general. I treasure these moments with my little ones. They will never be this tiny again and they will never be this innocent where their is not a spark of malice in their heart. I hope my girls will always be kind and accepting and loving but I know their won't be too many moments like this once they get older.

As for Boo she is just becoming so grown up. She is very opposite from her sister. While Baby Bird is outgoing and stands her ground Boo is quiet and non-confrontational.  She is caring and nurturing and funny in her own way.  She takes her job as big sister very seriously and it melts my heart. For instance when Baby Bird uses the potty sometimes she says "Boo. Stay with me." So Boo will stand in the doorway and dance around and make Baby Bird laugh so that she's not scared when the toilet flushes or worried about what's behind the shower curtain. She is also a protector. Like the time daddy told Baby Bird she could have no more candy and she broke down and ran into my arms crying "daddy said no to me. daddy you're breaking my heart." It was Boo who got her to smile and offered up dolls and games to distract her and told daddy "it's not nice to make her cry."  Boo doesn't stop there, she goes above and beyond with her baby sister to help and protect and love her.  She will get on all fours so that Baby Bird can stand on her back to reach something, she will share her treats and give Baby Bird the last bite, she will wrap her arm around her sister or hold her hand to keep her safe.  It's these moments of love between them that make my eyes tear up and makes me feel like a proud mama.  All I pray for them is that they will always be each others comforts and best friends.

So although I haven't written it's not that life has gotten boring and I can't find things to write about. It's just about time. I have a feeling this will be a life long dilemma. Time. Their is never enough of it and yet it seems to fly by.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And then what?

I've been home with my kids for the holiday break.  I never take off but I felt as though I needed this.  I needed to be home with my girls during this break, I needed to reconnect, I needed to have my own stories of their sweetness and Boo/Baby bird moments.  Papa Bear has been back to work a few weeks now and we are all adjusting to the new schedules.   I used to hear all the Boo/Baby bird stories from him throughout the day but now I have been coping with Fun Kids Stories withdraw.  Although Nonni has Boo several days she is not as good at daily correspondences, not like Daddy was.  I used to love getting my lunchtime munching pictures, my nap time snap shots, or the outfit of the day photos.  Now I have to wait all day to hear what was said, what was worn or what adventure is had.  So rather than miss out on my kids Holiday Break moments, I decided to take the holidays off and have some of those moments firsthand.  Anyway, I'm also hoping to use some of this time to teach Nonni how to send pictures with her new snazzy smartphone. 

Click* Click* These are snapshots of memories going into the memory vault for me to enjoy while I'm away from my babies. 

Baby bird has begun telling wonderful stories.  Her imagination has become wild and wonderful.  I love being home with her and hearing her ramble about the most amazing nothings.  One day she sat talking to me for 15 minutes about literally nothing.  Jerry Sinfeild thought he had the invention on a show about nothing...he has nothing on Baby Bird. 

Our conversation began like this (of course you don't see the hand, eyes and mouth gestures):

Baby Bird: "Mommy, I have a 1, 2, 3, (long pause) 5, 10 (longer pause) and you were red like that...and I was blue for the fairy like that.  Then Twighlight Sparkle and Nightmare moon had a sandwich...ok?"
Me: "ok.  And then what?"
Baby Bird: "Then we have to run and hide cause the pickles are running for us."
Me: "Oh. wow. Then what?
Baby Bird: "Then the puppy dogs help.  Like a Sadie...Mommy go like this (cocks her head and makes a face) Mommy why you not looking at me? Mommy do a smile like this."
Me: just laughing
Baby Bird: "You funny mommy." She then walked away and started playing with her dolls.

My resent "check yourself" moment with Boo starts like this:

We were hanging out in the living room when Boo asked to watch some television.  I said sure.  Deciding not to get into Netflix or Hulu so early in the morning I decided cable would be fine.  Their are a lot of educational shows in the mornings.  Having only basic cable and having very little patience for certain characters I try my best to avoid those channels and push past certain shows. 
This is how that went as I rushed through one station:
Boo said "oh, I like that."
I said "oh lets see what else is on."
Boo: "ok"
I again rushed passed a show
Boo: "oh, I like that."
I said "oh lets see what else is on."
Boo: "ooook." (obviously less patient)
As I tried to rush past one more show Boo looked at me and said "mommy what are you doing?"
I said "isn't Martha Speaks on?" to which Boo relied..."Are we picking a show for you or me?"
Good question...I guess I was being selfish.  So I now realize that Boo is getting to be older and much more savvy.  I can't just pull the wool over her eyes and so I have to check myself.  She's right, it's not just about's about what she likes too.  I guess I have to realize the that she is getting a mind of her own and deserves the opportunity to make up her own mind.

So my holiday has been full of moments and memories which I desperately needed.  I have to go back to work but I like to think that during this break me and the girls made some memories that will make it into the vault and I've hopefully taught Nonni how to send pictures and capture the fun moments she's having with Baby Bird.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Apparently I can do anything

This morning my youngest daughter handed me two number 2 pencils, a piece of needlepoint string and said "make me a scarf ok?" then walked away.

Ummmm...........I have never knitted anything in my life and I only use the needlepoint string to make friendship bracelets (which I had to do with a group I was running at work) so I am hardly the type to ask to make something.  It caught me and my husband off gaurd but made us laugh.  It's amazing how in the eyes of our little ones we truly can do anything.  Needless to say I was not capable of making her a scarf from 2 pieces of needlepoint string and 2 pencils. 

So Recap:


Does not Equal

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